Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Which is the greater threat?

Which is the greater threat to Christianity - competing faiths or lack of faith?

Many Christians on the web seem to focus their attacks against atheism, secularism or materialism, and yet they are silent on Islam or any other competing religion. Surely these competing belief systems pose a much greater threat to the future health of Christianity than a simple lack of belief? Is the criticism of other religions taboo? Or is there real fear of reprisals? - Today’s “new atheists” are a pretty safe bet because whilst they may be capable of harsh invective, they are not by inclination violent, or prepared to die for their lack of faith.

I have to say that as an atheist in a Western democracy I am more concerned by the growth of Islam than anything the Christian Church could throw at me. Islam appears to have the potential to undermine the very fabric of our secular society.

Am I alone in this view?

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  1. No you're not. I am terrified of radical Islam as a global phenomenon though I'm not sure it's the immediate threat to the British people the BNP would have us believe.

    I've been doing a whole lot of soul-searching recently, and a lot of web searching too. I was brought up to think of the three faiths: Judaism, Christianity and Islam - all the "people of the book" - as being old, sophisticated and respectable faiths. The rise of what some are calling Islamism has ripped all that apart.

    So I've been exploring. And what I found was unutterably vile.

    I have an old friend who's Muslim. She describes herself as a C of E Muslim. In my searches I've come across such disturbing material that I simply don't dare ask her about it! Crazy, crazy, crazy..

    Sophie, Surrey