Thursday, 11 February 2010

Charles Kingsley on the fossil record

I've just recalled a quote by 19th century writer Charles Kingsley, made when discussing his doubt that God made the World complete with fossils that appear to predate the Creation. He said:
"I cannot believe that God has written on the rocks one enormous and superfluous lie"
I find myself ever more perplexed by the creationist view of the World. How can they sustain their belief, when every argument they produce can so easily be refuted, and when the much simpler rational solution is so blindingly apparent? I find it scary that people can be so intent on self delusion. Of what else are they capable?
I do acknowledge, however, that most Christians do not subscribe to such a literal view.


  1. Do you know there's an Institute of Creation Research Graduate School in Texas?

    Though I'm relieved to see that the wider educational establishment doesn't accept ICR degrees as valid.

    Sophie, Surrey

  2. I know. It's extraordinary. I suppose I am even more surprised to hear of a creationist Zoo near Bristol!