Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Justice: Lectures by Harvard's Prof. Michael Sandel on BBC4

Wow!  Just watched the 3rd in this series of 8 programmes on UK BBC4 on Prof Sandel's harvard lectures on Justice.  This one was on "A Lesson in Lying", with particular reference to Kant's absolute view that lying is always wrong.  Do watch it if you can - and I intend to watch all the others.  So far we've had Murder, Cannibalism and Measuring Pleasure.  Four more to come.  Can't wait!...

This and other programmes in the series can be seen at:

I do hope those outside the UK can also see them.  Great food for the mind!

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  1. Hello. I don't like Kant. :-(

    However...that video sounds extremely relevant to the discussions in the Catholic blogosphere lately raging about Live Action sting and lying. I will try to see if I can find it where I can watch though. I can't access the video of that link. Thank you!