Friday, 18 February 2011

Is Therapy the New Religion?

I am embarking on a course in psychotherapeutic counselling, which will take me through the next 3 years part time, while I continue with with my present occupation.  I've been reading some of the set books in preparation, and I was struck by a rhetorical question posed by one of the authors in his introduction: "Is Therapy the New Religion?"

He does not answer the question, but leaves us to make up our own minds.  During the first year our focus will be on hypnotherapy.  I have to admit to starting out as a sceptic, but, having read some of the materials and had a few misconceptions dispelled,  I think I could be persuaded that it is indeed a valid vehicle by which to dispense treatment.  I have become aware that even I, the eternal scpetic, has been subject to mental states that could merit the description of hypnosis.  Being able to bypass the self censoring nature of our normal conscious selves is indeed extraordinary, and I can understand why it should be so effective.  I wonder why it continues to receive such a negative press?  Does it offend the religious, or the conservative scientists, or whoever?

Ah well.  More on this as I learn more...

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