Monday, 25 January 2010

Mudslinging and Biased Reporting

I'd be the first to admit that some atheists go over the top in slinging mud at those who believe in supernatural origins, but I would be hard pressed to find a position argued from anything but carefully researched and balanced sources. On the other hand, judging by material on the internet, those who argue for a supernatural creator do not appear to see any wrong in manipulating facts, quoting out of context, willfully misinterpreting data, and demonising anyone who speaks out passionately for a World without Gods.
I have just been reading the entry on "Atheism" on the "Conservapedia" website. I don't think I'd be overstating it to say that this is a dismal attempt to denigrate atheists using spurious out of context references, and trying to tie all atheists in with repressive regimes. It's like saying "My dog has fleas. Therefore all dogs have fleas".
The saddest thing is that this site masquerades as an alternative to Wikipedia, and is laid out to mimic the layout as far as possible, thereby lending an impression of moderated scholarship which is most definitrly absent. How can students be expected to grow up with a balanced view of the World and their fellow humans, if they are subjected to this iresponsible "education"?

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