Friday, 29 January 2010

The man with the lottery ticket...

Here's a thought - A man who buys a lottery ticket is aware that it is incredibly unlikely that he will win, and he may also realise that logically he would be better advised to spend it on something tangible rather than "waste" it on a very unlikely hunch.

But surely what this man is indulging is his need for hope for something greater than his everyday existence. Each week he selects his numbers, and each week he does not win, but he still keeps going back week after week to buy another ticket, because he has not lost hope that one day he will win.

Each time he checks the results he fantasises about what it would be like to be that winner. He also worries that the week he does not buy his ticket will be the week that those numbers come up. So he works himself inot believing that he must follow this path.

Isn't religion a bit like that?

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