Wednesday, 10 November 2010

The Handmaid's Tale

Could I suggest that anyone who longs for a utopian Christian State inspired by the Bible should read Margaret Atwood’s: “The Handmaid’s Tale”, or at least look up its Wikipedia entry at:‘s_Tale

I came across it some years ago and was reminded of it on the radio today.  The story tells of a dystopian society of the future, based on rigorous adherence to the Bible, as told in the diaries of a woman who can remember the time before the new regime.  As so often happens when power is vested in a certain part of society, who are able to enforce their supremacy, the good intentions degenerate into a repressive and unequal society.  Quite chilling.  When it was written in 1985 I suspect people would not have believed just how parts of society had developed by the early 21st century. It's perhaps a salutary warning of what could happen without healthy dissent.  Echoes of current fundametnalist sects of many varieties, both in the developed and developing World.

A BBC World "Book Club" discussion with the author can be found at:
(scan down to Margaret Atwood).  Well worth a listen for more insight into the author's inspiration and intentions with this book.

Read the book if you can!

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